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There are certain things that are so important, and that we feel so strongly about, that we provide a free (really!) tool just to help you out.

This website allows you to create the foundational legal document that every parent must have in place to ensure your kids will be raised by people you choose, whether you become incapacitated or die suddenly.

After completing your legal guardian nomination, you will have the option to create a comprehensive Kids Protection Plan®, which is the full plan you’ll want to have in place to keep your kids out of the care of strangers or anyone you wouldn’t want raising them, no matter what.

A full Kids Protection Plan® includes naming guardians for the short-term, giving instructions to your legally named long-term and short-term guardians, giving instructions to your caregiver, and documenting exactly how you would want your children raised if anything happens to you.

Plus, we include a custom ID card for you to carry in your wallet and medical powers of attorney to give to your friends and family who may stay with your children when you go out of town (or if your children go out of town with them). Your Kids Protection Plan® may also include a confidential exclusion of guardianship, ruling out anyone you know you would never want to have care or custody of your children.


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